OG + HR: 
OG Richard Grant Garretson,  a power hardcore drummer  playing in bands h.r.of badbrains, infirmities, duane peters gunfight, g.f.p, lucicidal, visual discrimination, black bananas at vice president d.c. hardcore, feauturing HR solo album "Hey Wella". Now releasing his new album as soloist and nice screaming. 😑


Paul D. Hudson  vocalist Bad Brains band ϟ hardcore wild voice, rastafari style and reggae vibes, OG punkrasta. Songs up: New Sun, Without Jah, Nothin, feauturing Long Beach Dub Allstars. Solo album "Hey Wella". ϟ

John Norwood Fisher, one dreadlocks, 🎸🎷 🎤  Fishbone bassist, rock fusion band, founded the funk band Trulio Disgracias, collaborated with Mr. Greem All-Star band, now working solo, ganja love music: Woody Weedstraw.🌿

Louiche Mayorga Ex-bassist in suicidal tendencies, breack it songs; Institutionalized heavy punk, War Inside My Head, Possessed to Skate, the explode Join the Army. In other bands too  Horny Toad, again ST. Now works in Luicidal band playing some of his songs. 💣  

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